"It's a high standard and professional equipment, totally revised and in maintenance, all instruments with new strings."


  • Ladessa (Brazilian Hand Made Luthier) 6 Strings
  • Ladessa 6 Strings with Bartolini Preamp
  • Ladessa 6 Strings Fretless
  • Ladessa 4 Strings Fretless PJ Pickups
  • Fender Jazz Bass American
  • Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop 1964
  • Fender Precision Ultra
  • Fender Precision Vintage 73
  • Fender Precision
  • Tagima Ubass

Amp and Cab:

  • Eden WT800 Bass Head
  • Markbass Nano Mark 300 Head
  • Cab Eden XLT 4x10
  • Cab Eden XLT 2x10
  • Cab Eden D210T
  • Ampeg 210 Combo


"Massive Pedalboard with, preamps, compressors, drivers, delays, reverb, chorus, flanger, phase, octave up and down, drives, fuzz, preamps, synth, envelop filter, loop station and others..."

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